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Swedish Brandy Releases

Though we have bounced Sweden out of the World Cup and a remake will come up soon we have to discuss about some “viking” music, but the world cup is not the reason to talk about it, simply the good music makes it...

The so called “Swedish Brandy” label which was founded in 2002 gets rid of excellent sounds. On the one hand we have a CD-compilation, which has been released end of last year, containing (released and unreleased) tracks by imprinted artists such like Freddy Cruger, Take, The Odd Couple or Hydrophonic Sound System (more to HSS later). The CD comes with 14 tracks on a great music spectrum, from Downbeat to HipHop over Reggae to Jazz up to Broken Beats and House. Partly very innovative (frog samples!). To subsum a compilation with varied tracks which proposes to press the repeat button again and again. As mentioned before there is also a new CD, mixed by the Hydrophonic Sound System, called “Mixtape Mentality”. The guys helped oneself with numerous different shouts by nobody others than Erykah Badu, Phife (A Tribe Called Quest) or Bobbito Garcia. Moreover many other well known guest artists are on this CD keeping it inovative. Summa summarum a fresh Mix-CD which suggests some redneck style in my opinion. The best way is to form your own view about it but this CD should be mentioned in any case!
Last not least, Swedish Brandy has just signed a new project called “Andre Zimma” – on this are nobody others than the Berlin based Daniel Paul and DJ Honesty aka “Slope” from the well known Sonar Kollektiv. On their first EP, which should be released soon (already aired on Bogaloo Radio Show 09/07/06) and will be called “The Turbulence EP” they feature nobody other than the lovely (at the moment high-flying) Clara Hill. Concurrently this is the only vocal track (in a soulic jazzy broken way with sublineing strings) on the EP, the track M.U.S.I.C is done in an afrobeat/balearic style with stakkato shouts and deep bassmelody tending to hot summerdancefloors… sounds very interesting! “Love Is Everywhere” is based on a rolling groove on 130bpm also with a balearic flavour, raising tension with painstakingly strings. Finally expect more from this label, also more from the Slope guys…!

12.07.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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