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Idea6 - Remix Vol. 1 - Deja Vu

DejaVu head Paolo Scotti just dropped the first remix EP of the jazz combination „Idea6“ (read an earlier review on the album). Two tracks have been remixed, on the A-side you get a new version on “Minor Mood” by italian modern jazz figurehead Nicola Conte...

Much elements are taken over from the original, sublined with a smooth housebeat keeping the typical swinging elements of the primordial version. Especially the doublebass intro makes you curious on the growth of the track. So altogether this makes it more playable on modern-day club eves. The B-side is in the hand of Panoptikum (aka Les Gammas’ Tom Wieland and Marc Frank). After the great remix project on Sun Ra (also on DejaVu), they did it again! They chose “Metropoli” and reworked it to a fit-for-club version but still keeping it very deeply. Seems to be a kind of broken house but still cleaving in the essential elements - the beguilingly warm jazz elements. More to expect!

14.08.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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