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Giulio Camarca & Trinidad - Samba Do Amigo - Deja Vu

Just as you know, Paolo Scotti’s DejaVu Records is an open minded label with full spectrum proposal. For end of September Paolo decided to reissue the Giulio Camarca & Trinidad LP Samba Do Amigo...

Originally it was recorded in Turin in the mid 70s but done in the style of the 60’s bossa classics. It is said that this album (original one on the Shirak label is not listed under 150€) is one of the most important releases of this period. To describe the style imagine simply guitar, smooth drums and percussions all combinded to that sound typical for this era, spiced with the vocals of this mysterious female group. The album leads you through a mixture of warm relaxing vibes to impulsive danceable music and includes well known tracks like “Birimbao” and the late 80s DJ tune “Manha”. An album for relaxing warm hours, never mind if its summer or winter. This is a mindblowing one which is highly recommended, thanks for re-releasing it and making it accessible for musicfans of nowadays.

14.08.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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