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Amp Fiddler - Afro Strut - Genuine LP

After his longplayer of 2004 "Waltz Of The Ghetto Fly", Joseph "Amp" Fiddler comes along with his new album "Afro Strut", which should be released in the end of August. At least this one is musicially elaborated as its predecessor unless more diversified:...

Amp again gives an example of modern up to date Soul & RíníB. You can find twelve tracks on the album which complement each other and create a cosy musical flow that pampers your auditory canal. Organic flavoured mid and uptempo tracks underlined by Amp's distinctive voice alternate melodiously. Merely the song "If I Don't" differs from the other ones, but this should be mentioned positively. Rooted in jive beats it sounds very fresh and makes you long for more. Nevertheless the focus point is Soul which outflows with pleasant facility. It is a big surprise for me that Amp has managed to superimpose on the album of 2004, but Amp Fiddler did it again and I am absolutely open to conviction in this case as the multinstrumental guy shows again his long time experience in producing and singing. Ampís own label Genuine shortens the wait with two 10Ē records containing two tracks which are not available on the album. Keep an eye on it, unfortunately the album teasers are very limited.

15.08.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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