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Vikter Duplaix - Bold & Beautiful - BBE

Producer, writer, singer and remixer Vikter Duplaix has just finished his second longplayer “Bold & Beautieful”, continueing his soulful work everyone expects. After his first album, collaborations with Jazzanova, Nitin Sawhney, Earth, Wind & Fire or his compilation for DJ Kicks, ...

...the guy became well known in Europe. Big trouble with his earlier major label which did not share his vision made him signing on BBE, one of the figureheads for soulmusic. The best choice in my opinion. Vikter, a representative for urban soul and r’n’b and the typical Philly-sound delivers a twelve track longplayer on which he was supported by nobody others than James Poyser, Michael Angelo, Ty Tibbet and Raphael Saadiq. It is not easy to describe the music, just imagine sexy body music with smooth vocals, percussive beats and warm synthie elements that reminds you of decelerated deep house or drum’n’bass. Vikter himself expresses it in an interesting way:

“'s a deeper journey into my thoughts and my life's quest for bliss in human form. I'm still trying to figure it all out. Still hoping for that perfect love while enjoying being a lover. Still living each day with optimism in the midst of frenzy. Still feeling misunderstood and tortured by my own passion. Still wishing spiritual peace and mental well being for everyone. Still very happy and excited about the days ahead. This record is some seriously sexy sh.... (i have young nieces). The muses in my mind have sent many beautiful messages via my voice and this collection of sounds. Your romanctic experiences will be significantly enhanced. I know it will continue to bring people together like many of you said my other records have done. Togetherness is the key ingredient for forward progress in humanity. Reach out to me whenever you feel inspired...”

For me it is one of the most gentle albums this year with perfectly arranged tracks and which makes me pressing the repeat button again and again. Just listen to it and you understand his words. Highly recommended, especially the track "I See The Sun". Release date: September.

23.08.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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