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V/A - Phused (In|phusion Saves Your Soul) - In|phusion Music

Nuremberg based label In|phusion Music is the more or less fresh project by Rob Spoljaric and Sammy Majbour, both A&R and DJs. They have already dropped two 12” EPs with wonderful broken and boogie stuff by Darius Rashaud and Doob...

As you know much great music is only available on vinyl (or wax) and this data medium is not everyone’s cup of tea, the two guys have compiled a great longplayer with excellent soulful and danceable (but keeping the underground flavour) music. That is to say this is not a compilation kind of for the masses like “Cafe del Mar” or “Bar Grooves” from the majors but a kind of compilation making rare and hard to get tracks accessable for everyone. Examples are productions from pioneers of modern dance music like Mark deClive-Lowe, Maddslinky, Champion Soul, DJ Spinna or some tracks from the belonging to the firm 12”. With this in mind you get a crammed CD with over 70(!) minutes of HipHop, Soul, Disco, Boogie and others of this futuristic realm. Let me mention the exceptional cover figuration which makes me grining or the unexpected Mousse T. remix on Boozoo Bajou & Joe Dukie’s “Take It Slow”. Altogether excellent work, hope the guys will continue on this one. If i have kindled your interest then click here to pre-listen and maybe to order. Already released this summer.

04.09.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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