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Paul Murphy - The Trip - Afro Art Rec.

As many of you know, Afro Art stands for warm organic, almost danceable clubmusic. This is directed by the now existing producing team consisting of Marc Woolford, Luke Howard, Winston Hazel and Paul Murphy. So after several years of bossing the Afro Art Records label, Paul Murphy, a DJ from the outset is going to drop his first longplayer in september.

This is pleasent slight fare, that is to say it brightens your mood. Vibraphones, decent percussions and funky basslines squires you through the whole album. Especially “Herbie Mann” is such a smooth relaxing track which makes you dreaming of sunshine and holidays in far away countries (listen to it on bogaloo radioshow 03/09/06). Paul describes the track like this: “I’ve got a lot of records by the late Flute maestro and this (“Herbie Mann”) is what i hope is a suitable tribute to him. Very melodic vibes from Mr. Beaujolais over a 6/8 Arabian style rhythm and Mr. Mantovani drops in some very space age bass.” Altogheter you can see Pauls addiction to Jazz and funky housetracks, a reflection of his journeys and experiences of the last few years. That is to say his trip to India, his thoughts on the term “Acid Jazz” or his DJ-homebase Hungary. Get on the trip with Paul and participate in his feelings expressed in his music. Interesting one on the earlier released “Soul Call” which you can find on the “This is Afro Art” compilation: The track did not sell well in the beginning, but after destroying the master copy and selling the (limited) records everybody wants the track - so he re-recorded and modified it with a new bass-solo to rerelease it on his longplayer. The 12” “Seven Samurai/Budapest Chachacha” offers a foretaste on the album. Check it out!

04.09.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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