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V/A - The Timeless Interpretations - Dopeness Galore

“The Timeless Interpretations” was an idea by Netherlands based label Dopeness Galore (DG) for summer of 2005. That is to say DG hooked up with the Jazzlabel “Timeless” and the formerly simple idea became a just finished project.

But first some background information. “Timeless” is a famous dutch Jazzlabel founded in 1975 and has already a catalogue consisting of more than 700 titles of the most highly anticipated jazz artists of our time. So whats behind the idea? Both labels have revealed only a few old tracks and commissioned a project to actually well known artists to interpret the music in the style of nowadays - but timeless. The producers were given the freedom to create this LP as free and versatile as the word “interpretation” can be interpreted. One aim for sure is to introduce young people to Jazz or making them rediscovering the original tracks. The templates were delivered by artists like Pharoah Sanders, Chat Baker, Vera Cruz or Art Blakey.
Altogether twelve music tracks have been interpreted by producers like I.N.T., Rich Medina, Kev Brown (already worked together with Jazzy Jeff or De La Soul), The Politik (Bembe Segue and Mark de Clive-Lowe), Wouda Boogie (Dopeness Galore), John Arnold or Alex Attias. The result is longplayer with a big spectrum of different styles, reaching from abstract sample arrangement to hiphop, afro, jazzy downtempo, house up to minimal techno. First of all you get an interesting explanation of the term “time” which is done by the deep voice of Rich Medina combined with atmospheric sounds by I.N.T. Dopeness Galore has already released two 12” singles of interpretations which are all included on this CD. Releasedate was 1st of september.

15.09.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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