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Voice - Gumbo - Public Transit Recordings

Voice, the daughter of a classically trained Jazz singer grew up in LA and New Orleans. After dabbling in acting, she eventually gravited in to hiphop and poetry as a method of self expression...

Over the years as Voice sharpened her writing and lyrical style she got married, had two children and escaped the horrible Hurricane Katrina to make the record of her career. The result is a 15 tracks longplayer with hiphop as backbone. It is filled with clever wordplay, thick beats and has classic hiphop stamped all over it. Voice uses lots of organic elements like flutes, guitars and keys, occasionally latin styles. Most of the tracks are combined with her vocals in a spoken words way but sometimes she really sings - and this sounds great! Every now and then she goes onto a journey into broken beats and uptempo (on one track she varies the tempo three times!). The album was recorded in New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto in collaborations with artists like Moonstarr, Murr (LAL), Alister Johnson and Marc Mac (4Hero, The Visioneers), so for sure the whole thing is partly a merit of those. Altogether this is an interesting diversified album which never bores you. Distributed in UK via Timewarp and rest of Europe via Grooveattack. It is absolutely worth its money, watch out for this one!

19.10.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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