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Jaymz Nylon - African Audio Research Program Vol. 2 - Nylon Recordings

Jaymz Nylon, a sophisticated musician for several years is on the way to release his second longplayer “African Audio Research Program Vol.2” on his own label called Nylon Recordings.

For sure most of you know some of his productions on labels like Schema, Sunshine Enterprises, Perfect Toy or Main Squeeze (“Black by Birth”) wherewith he shows is musical spectrum. With the new longplayer he keeps the way and shows his origin. It is a mixture of deep electronics with touches of broken beats and house, much percussions and african chants. On some tracks Jaymz uses his own voice and sublines his special style. On the other side he collaborates with well known singers like Bobbi Sanders or Alison Degbe. The result is an interesting longplayer with an african read thread. Jaymz Nylon has released a 12” teaser recently, but you can buy all releases in a digital format. It is a multifunctional one - for club usage or at home for listening. Give it a try.

24.10.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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