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V/A - Homecooking - Soulfood served by Jazzanova & Friends - Sonarkollektiv

“Most musicians i know are contemporarely good cooks”, Jazzanova’s Alex Barck says. With this words he presents the idea of the upcoming Homecooking Compilation on Sonarkollektiv.

The selection is a ragbag of delicate musical recipes just as you know it for cooking sessions in your kitchen. Almost the proportion of spices generates the overwhelming tastes of meals. And this is figuratively the idea on the music selection. The compilation contains several old and classic tracks as well as exclusive productions and remixes. All in a decent style reaching from Downtempo to Jazz up to Singer-Songwriter. With this secret recipe the Sonar Kollektiv guys make hard to get tracks available for music lovers and listeners, not only for DJs. Classics like Extended Spirits’ “Solid Water” or Meitz’ “Mandelbrot” and new tunes like Third Eyes’ “Macedonia” or the Radio Citizen remix on Micatones “Nomad” are rounding off the idea. This is the ideal music selection for cooking sessions on upcoming cold autumn evenings. Therewith every dinner would be a success. Bonus: movie clip “Kiss da Cook: Cockles Galicia” by Dobie Blaze feat. Fat Freddys Drop. Out on 11th of November.

24.10.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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