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Positive Flow - Positivity - Native Source

After the debut EP (read earlier reviews) and album sampler 12“ Jesse Reuben Wilson releases his first solo project longplayer “Positivity” under the pseudonym “Positive Flow”. As a result of being on the scene for over a decade,...

...Jesse is a long time multi-instrumentalist and talented producer and this reflects on this album. Containing 11 tracks (including all productions from the teaser) Jesse takes you on a musical journey of different styles always having the dancefloor in mind. As usual for longplayers he helps himself with guest artists and singers like charming soul diva Donna Gardier (Sting’s backing band vocalist!) or Zena Edwards. It is hard to file this album but altogether you could say it is really firmly rooted in the nu-soul/nu-jazz arena leaning towards socalled “brukbeat” (again a new term which makes the rounds currently...) with elements of house and hiphop thrown in the mix. There is also heavy emphasis on the blend of organic instrumentation and electronica including cello/strings (performed by maestro Andy Nice), jazz flute from highly respected and long time session player Gary Barnacle, trumpet from BBC award-winning jazz trumpeter Colin Steele and Sephen Dawson and percussion from the legendary Robin Jones (Sade and Tito Puente) and Nick Woodmansey. Altogether again an interesting longplayer which should be recommended. Already supported by Domu, Michael Rütten, Toshio Matsuura or Alex Attias.

26.10.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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