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V/A - Modalalamode - compiled by Paolo Scotti - Deja Vu

Paolo Scotti, head of Deja Vu Records and one of the most Jazz-experienced guys of Italia (and maybe of the world) releases an interesting Italian Jazz compilation...

It took a long time and timestakingly he chose tracks with a preference of hardbop and modal jazz. The compilation contains 11 tracks from professional Italian Jazz-Bands without exception. With this Paolo wants to help fans or just the curious to have a greater understanding of this kind of music, because “helping a friend to discover Jazz is the best thing you can do...”. He associates a lot of things with this kind of music and he wants the listeners to participate in this. To cite Paolo Scotti: “This music creates an atmosphere of extreme relaxation and intimacy, that allows us to enjoy every small nuance of the music. All pieces have a moderate speed, the interchange between the musicians is constant even through it is based on the utmost delicacy without any accumulation of tension and it communicates with tranquillity and intelligence...”
In the linernotes, Paolo tells the reader and the listener what Jazz has taught him - Jazz - an experience that unites a lot of people, a music style that was born in Africa and developed in the USA. I think Paolo is right. And this time i want to add my opinion: Lots of people say Jazz is music for the intellectual and sensual - maybe because you have to take part actively and it is not superficial. As i said in my opinion it seems to be too strenuous for most listeners to experience Jazz. A big chance with a big compilation to have a look beyond one’s own nose because dead fishes do not swim upstream... So give it a chance, it is wonderful music.

28.10.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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