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V/A - Rainbow Soul Vol. 1 - Phuture Lounge

Manchester based label Phuture Lounge (LTA, Mpho Skeef, Jonny Miller or Maddslinky) which is headed by the Phuturistix guys (think some of the Drum’n’Bass freaks know them) comes with the first Future or Neosoul compilation after several broken beat pearls...

Some seasoned censors describe it as a redefined “Northern Soul” Compilation. The whole longplayer is a multi-kulti (regarding to the homebases of the artists - that is to say USA, UK or Germany) work that abducts you on a calm relaxing journey into wonderful soul. Mostly you can find hiphop (or rnb) beats and claps combined with warm and/or enthusiastic vocals. First time i heard it I could not imagine that this one is a release from Phuture Lounge but in this case I am open to conviction. Twelve tracks completing each other are available and believe me, it makes you pressing the repeat button again and again. Absolutely suitable for lonely hours or togetherness in the upcoming cold days. Especially Michelle Amadors’ track “He and She” should be worth mentioned, she is a very sought-after lady at the moment (also involved in the fresh “Latenight Daydreaming” longplayer of Karma, just released on Compost records). The Compilation is entitled with “Vol. 1” so we can expect a successor besides the upcoming Phuturistix Longplayer and the Michelle Amador album - lots of things to expect! It is now time to hear the colourful musical delights of “Rainbow Soul”. Try some on earlier Bogaloo Radioshows.

31.10.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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