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Channel Two - Artful Time Reduction - Kajmere

„Somewhere between a gorgeous and sexy, late summer sunset and a hot, sweaty soul music dance floor, lays the very complex debut release from Channel Two.“

I only can confirm this statement (unknown origin). Channel Two is a collaboration between Andreas Bingel (Deja Move, Hamburg) and ex-Black Eyed Peas Drummer Terence Yoshiaki. Yoshiaki also co-penned the Grammy winning Top 10 hit single from Black Eyed Peas „Let’s get it started“, which earned him a 2004 Grammy. But also Andreas started a wonderful career with the„Ich-Zwerg“ project in 1995: He is a singing artist who writes, plays and produces his own music, later signed on Mercury Records in 1998-2001 and released an album and two singles with videos being played on MTV and VIVA. 2001 he founded the Deja-Move project, also releasing an album and tracks for compilations on the majors Sony, Wagram and Universal. So what should be expected by a collaboration of this two guys? „We want to transport the feeling of good soul music regardless of the label or genre that may be put on it“ says Andreas. „Our musical tastes are so widespread yet very similar, so that after three years of visiting each other, sharing ideas and files and working out the music in both of our own studios, it was time to let the people listen to our own slice of musical thought.
The result: a longplayer, 13 tracks, equal parts hiphop, soul and instrumental nu soul jazz combined with dance and pop sensibility, but still staying in underground. A highly recommended album which could/should easily cross over to larger commercial radio audiences.

28.12.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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