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The Offsetters - Love Ritual - Farside Records

The Offsetters is a producer/DJ-duo out of France consisting of DJ Peanuts and DJ Gregyro. They have released their first track in 2004 on Saarinen Records and recently dropped their first EP called Love Ritual on the german based label Farside Records.

Always keeping soul in mind you can feel the spirit in The Offsetters tracks. The EP contains three tracks. First one is Love Ritual, a deephouse production with synthie intro accords, following up organic piano vibes and warm synthiestrings – altogether a wonderful relaxing housetrack. „Late Night“ is more on the stomping beats with spoken words, but also great. On the flipside you can find an overwhelming remix on „Love Ritual“ by Westpark Unit (Ingo Sänger and Herb LF, Ingo Sänger is the founder of Farside Records, Herb LF recently released the third EP on Farside called Jam 2 tha Mother with a great Soulphiction remix – highly recommended). Westpark Unit created a very deep track adding the piano accord at the right position which gives me the creeps. I really enthuse over this one, in my opinion one of the best deephouse tracks of 2006. Check them out on myspace!
Farside Records
The Offsetters

04.01.2007 / matthiasdesch / mail

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