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V/A - Beat Dimensions - Rushhour

Two deeply involved guys, Rushhours A&R Cinnaman and Munich based Sound in Color Europe head Jay Scarlett (shouts at this point!) compiled an absorbant ragbab of musical delicacies.

It is a longplayer with crazy beats and tracks, mostly in hiphop-tempo. Yes, there are many 12“ available with beats as a DJ-tool but whats the difference? This compilation is so extraordinary because the loves are in detail on each track. No stupid beat arrangements but unprecedented constructs and synth or vocal elements. This is experimental hiphop, not only for nerds. Some tracks are simply undescribeable. The compilation is available on three 12“, two of them have already been released, third one will follow up. It will also be available on CD soon. Artists and producers on EP one and two are Mweslee, Black Pocket, Tom Trago, Up Hygh, Hearin Aid or Aardvarck to name a few. On the third one you can find tracks by Morgan Zarate (Steve Spacek Soundsystem), Mike Tibbert or O.Boogie. Altogether a masterpiece compiled with the sure instinct by nerds (and experts) who know whats going on in musical business. And the artwork is also amazing… Deep shit!
To get a foretaste, check:
Purchase it directly at Rushhour or, they have enough of it!

07.01.2007 / matthiasdesch / mail

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