review: broken beats

Spiritual South is back!

Spiritual South is back! This is Mark Robertson´s first on Sweden based label Raw Fusion, where famous Mad Mats works as A&R. The 2 tracker rocks the dancefloor with its latin influenced sounds and fat brass section. Lovely broken beats from Sleepwalker make this a very special one...

“Hullabaloo” is a peaktime-cracker, that you very likely won´t get our of your head, while we find some kind of uplifting reedit of Nat King Cole´s “Calypso Blues” on the flipside. On vocals: Andre Espeut and on the Piccolo: Graeme Blevins. Definitely worth checking it out – this EP brings summer feeling to where winter is! Hope to hear more stuff from Spiritual South again!

12.01.2007 / Spiritual South - Hullabaloo / mail

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