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The Hi Fly Orchestra - Samboogaloo - Ajabu (CD006)

Multi instrumentalists Florian Riedl, Johannes Herrlich, Joachim Junghanss, Jerker Kluge, Norbert Küpper and Hajo von Hadeln (some of them are also members of „Riovolt“, „Hipnosis“ and „Liquid Loop“) are members of the so called Hi Fly Orchestra which was formed in 2005 by Jerker and Florian.

The aim was to establish a band that plays all-acoustic jazz with a totally infectious and heavy dancegroove that always gets the crowd on the floor. The formation does not help itself with DJs, electronics or samples but just pure acoustic music. That is to say all kinds of tunes are played and recorded live on real instruments. The instrumental spectrum goes from altosax, flute, trombone, piano and doublebass to percussions and drums. The musical spectrum reaches from great sounds of 60s Jazz and Latin to Samba. Amazing tunes, groovy stuff and some new interpretations on well known tracks, e.g. Quincy Jones Soul Bossa Nova are waiting for you.
As a whole it is a consistent longplayer by first-class quality musicians. Out on 26th of February
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