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Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Bird Of Spring - Infracom!

After the 2003 longplayer „Lyon“ (LeMaquis/Dreyfus) the quartet Metropolian Jazz Affair (MJA) is on the way to drop their second album on the well known german label Infracom!

„Bird of Spring“ – thats how the longplayer is called – is a 13-tracker and has nearly nothing in common with the „Lyon“ album. „Lyon“ was addicted to electro, now the four guys focus on organic grooves with real instruments. However, in my opinion a successful work. You can find influences of Hard-Bop, US-Soul and Hip Hop, always spiced with danceable grooves – like 60s Cannonball Adderly Jazz ensuring beads of sweat.
Benjamin Devigne is one of the best french musicians on the keys. He adds his outstanding talent on Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Piano. Lyon Jazz Academy Award winner Stephane Ronget (Horns, Trumpets), Eric Duperray (Vocals) and Bruno Hovart (Percussions, Hammond, Doublebass & Programming) well known for his collaborations with Patchwork) contribute well to the formation. Altogether a warm and wonderful longplayer for spring which will be on streets in march of 2007.
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14.02.2007 / matthiasdesch / mail

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