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Hakan Lidbo - My Love Only - Mantis Recordings (mant031)

Just as you know after a long release-break and the hook up with german based distributor Neuton, Mantis Recordings (well known for its earlier releases by Capitol A, Clyde, Atjazz and Only Child) is back on deck since early 2006.

After the overwhelming Atjazz release „Holding On“ and the Brooks „Pre“ 12“, (both in 2006) Swedens Hakan Lidbo warms up in the starting hole with his EP „My Love Only“. This tunes will be available in april this year either as a digital mp3 version or on wax. On the one hand this is interesting for the non vinyl collectors on you, just check out the german mp3 shop on (club)music Finetunes and just be honest to give a few bucks for the music you like. On the other hand it is a delight for the wax-addicts.
But now to the EP. Three tracks enter your ears and make the wax melting. Hakan collaborates with Daniela Bove and made a track with soulful vocals on digital stomping beats which appears in a dirty way. The Mist (aka Atjazz) version helps itself with more deepness and sick e-piano cords. The „version“ remix goes the deephouse way very impulsively. Tune into the snippets on Mantis Recordings
Rating: 4 of 5

19.02.2007 / matthiasdesch / mail

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