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V/A - Computer Incarnations For World Peace - SK140

Wow, another compilation on Sonar Kollektiv! After the …Mixing, …Broadcasting, Paz e Futebol (Brazil), and Focus Jazz (no additional words necessary) Jazzanova goes back...

...together with Gerd Janson (head of Running Back Records) to the early 80s (especially 1981/82) Disco, Cosmic and New Wave area which experiences a revival with all that NuDisco releases at the moment. So it is the perfect time to release this compilation. Gerd and Jazzanova compiled a 13 tracks longplayer with some very hard to get tracks like Talking Drums „Courage“ or „18th November“ by Propaganda, a tune that Alex from Jazzanova discovered accidently while checking out rare Jazz records in Belgrade.
Altogether a nice record for fans (and upcoming fans) of this short area when using computers for music productions became hip and the word „Disco“ was spelled in an analouge way. Already released on 26th of march. Contains really some delicacies! 4 of 5!

14.05.2007 / matthias desch / mail

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