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Jazzanova & Dirk Rumpff... broadcasting from OFFtrack radio - SK144

Since 7th of may it is time for the second „Broadcasting“ compilation on Sonar Kollektiv. After summer of 2006 (the release date of the first edition) and a subsumption of several years of radio work it is time to continue this excellent idea of focussing on years of radio.

This time it is Dirk Rumpff’s turn. He is DJ, radiohost (, producer („Season“) and a extended family member of the Jazzanova hood. Dirk’s musical career began in the early nineties with organizing club events in Marburg, later in Munic and since a few years in the adopted city Berlin. Since eight years he runs the 2 weekly Offtrack Radio Show. This fact delivers enough stuff for a mixed CD compilation with – believe it or not – 17 tracks which illustrate Dirks knowledge in music perfectly. It is about a broadband selection of broken beats, house, hiphop and folk on which you always can take part of every two weeks in his radioshow. Dirk has already an excellent reputation in the scene and this is honoured by tracks which are allocated exclusively. And this reputation serves him right!
5 of 5!

14.05.2007 / matthias desch / mail

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