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Benny Sings - Benny... At Home - SK148

Benny Sings is back! The dutch Singer-Songwriter and HipHop artist (thats where he comes from) drops his third longplayer end of may this year. With the Secret Love compilations Jazzanova and Resoul...

...focused on Singer Songwriter and Folk and gave an insight in what kind of music they are also in love with. So this was the perfect time to release the second longplayer by Benny Sings called „I Love You“, a socalled conglomeration of perfect Jazzpopsongs which reminds on Supertramp, Steely Dan or Burt Bacharach. At this time, Bennys first album was only available on wax on the dutch label Kindred Spirits. Sonar Kollektiv licensed it and rereleased it on vinyl and CD.
After all of this Benny continues this excellent work with the third longplayer „Benny… at home“. He really seems to be at home – something like back to the roots, back to HipHop. Indeed he subordinates the acoustic instrumental easyness in favour of the more urban concept. Besides this fact you can still find the light heartedness in presenting the songs. But this songs are combined with more deep basslines, thight backbeats and bouncing grooves – the ingredients for HipHop.
Altogether a longplayer with urban aesthetics and enough space to continue with the first two longplayers seamlessly. This is still great popmusic, pliable and complex. Enough potential to be aired on main radio stations… - but how to explain a manager…
Out on 21st of may. 5 of 5!

14.05.2007 / matthias desch / mail

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