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K Banger - Truth To Be Told - Shaman Work

K Banger, the central New Jersey MC/producer is the newest addition to the label roster of Shaman Work. Although this is his first release as a solo artist, K Banger is far from being an industry scene newbie.

This is a longplayer the artist focuses on the essential elements of music. This is pure HipHop, fresh beats, nice and warm samples („All I need… is love“) and mindbreaking rhymes. So „Truth to be told“ is not meant to revive HipHop or be the „breath of fresh air“ album. Even so this is an outstanding collab-longplayer filled with 10 tracks. Co-producers are K Dubble, Decompose or Invizible Handz to name a few. Offsetting the clichéd tail of rapping to get out of the ghetto, Banger went through the Catholic school system and his passion for words and rhymes began with poetry. With a natural inclination for music, he began learning to play instruments within all different genres of music from classical to reggae. Then once HipHop infiltrated his consciousness at a young age, there was no turning back.
Altogether the only one I can do is to recommend this album warmly to you. It will be out on 10th of July, for further information, snippets, etc simply check out K Banger on myspace

28.05.2007 / matthias desch / mail

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