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Panacea - The Scenic Route - GITD/Rawkus

D.C. based HipHop-combo Panacea comes along with the second longplayer after "ink is my drink" which also has been released on Glow in the Dark recordings (GITD)...

...the recent album "The Scenic Route" takes you on a journey not only of HipHop but of musical broadband action with influences of Funk, Jazz, Soul, Electro or Progressive Rock. Also Jive Records rising RnB star Raheem deVaughn contributes to the album on the soulful track Flashback to Stardom, one of the fourteen tracks. Still keeping their roots in mind, Panacea delivers an excellent longplayer that makes the listener dream of whatever he wants or needs. Producer K-Murdock describes it in the right way: "If you want to get away but cannot afford the vacation, this is for you!" The album is much less than a vacation, so this is the right hint. Like me does, at the moment lying at the seaside, listening to the album and writing these words. This IS relaxative.
Check it out, you won't regret (out in september).
rate: 7/10

08.08.2007 / matthias desch / mail

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